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I have been working as a freelancer since 2010 and focus on always finding the right words for your project. I'm happy to offer:


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Content Creation

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of historic handwriting


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Dr. Iris Engemann







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Academic Translations for Social Sciences and Economics

I specialize in the translation of academic papers and publications from English, Polish, Czech and Slovak to German. As a trained economist and historian, I have years of experience in working with academic texts. I will translate your research papers and monographs not only with a native-speaker "feeling" but also the appropriate academic terminology and style.

Business Translation & Localization Services

With my translations, you can confidently present your products and services to your German-speaking customers. Examples of my work include websites, flyers, brochures and other marketing materials. I am experienced with German business terminology and style and will be happy to tailor each text to your specific target audience. 

Academic Proofreading for Social Sciences and Economics

As a trained economist and historian, I have years of experience working with academic texts and am familiar with both the appropriate terminology & style. I specialize in proofreading academic texts in German written by non-native speakers: bachelor's and master's theses, dissertations, scientific papers or monographs. I will correct your text with great accuracy and linguistic sensitivity, improving language-specific misconstructions and transferring culture-specific references to a fitting German equivalent. 

German Native-Speaker Proofreading for Entrepreneurs, Companies and Institutions

I proofread all German texts with great precision and care to ensure flawless spelling, punctuation and grammar, and of course, a native-speaker "feeling" for your writing. My proofreading services will ensure that your company website, flyers, brochures and other German marketing materials are flawless, thus reflecting the high standard of your services and dedication to your German-speaking customers. I will ensure that your texts are perfectly tailored to your purpose and target audience.







native-speaker quality

Content Creation




high-quality content

Content Creation for Successful Online Marketing

Informative and entertaining online content helps to convince your clients and business partners and also improve your search engine ranking.

Be it websites or press releases, product descriptions or company blogs – my texts will impress through:

  • well-structured content geared to the specific target group
  • linguistic and stylistic adaptation/ adjustment, as well as
  • reliable adherence to formal specifications (formatting, text length, key words)

    Transcription & Translation of Historical Documents

    Are you a researcher working with archival documents, looking for someone to transcribe historical handwriting in Sütterlin, Kurrent or simply 'hard to read' German cursive?

    Do you have a stack of old family documents and wonder what they say? Love letters from grandma, old diaries, passports, diplomas, genealogical records? I'll be happy to decipher them for you, so you can dive into your family history!

    As a trained historian, I have years of experience in archival work, reading documents in German, English, Polish, Czech and Slovak, for shorter texts also Russian and French.

    Based on a scan or photograph, I'll be happy to:

    • transcribe the text into a text file
    • translate, if necessary, and
    • provide historical context, identify place names, institutions & people.





    text file

    Would you like to get a quote? I'm looking forward to your message!engemann@berlin-text.de

    Latest projects & references


    "Handbuch der Religions- und Kirchengeschichte der Slowakei im 20. Jahrhundert", a project of Collegium Carolinum

    For additional references, see my list of published academic translations.

    Proofreading & Indexing

    "In den Stürmen der Transformation. Zwei Werften zwischen Sozialismus und EU". Philipp Ther, Ulf Brunnbauer, Piotr Filipkowski, Andrew Hodges, Stefano Petrungaro, Peter Wegenschimmel. Suhrkamp 2022.


    of survey protocols for Prussian postal routes (1800-1806), including the matching ofhistorical and current place names, esp. for Silesia, a project of Museum für Kommunikation, Berlin – Kartensammlung.

    "In my thus far experience of working with proofreaders, text editors and writers, I would not hesitate to say that Iris is the most professional, reliable and detail oriented one. The documents reworked by Iris have a consistent-excellent quality and are always delivered on time."

    Dominika Bienkowska, ÜberEnergy

    "Frau Iris Engemann has done the proofreading for my dissertation titled Das Ständetheater im Mittelpunkt des Prager Kulturlebens 1845–1862 [...]. Frau Engemann has edited the text with great care, an exceptional feeling for language and the broad historical knowledge, which is which is indispensable for the understanding and thus the correct terminological classification of events and processes of such a specialized text. She worked in a structured manner, in constant coordination with the author, and with great precision despite the time pressure." (translated from German)

    Markéta Bartos Tautrmanová, Eine Arena deutsch-tschechischer Kultur 

    "We collaborated with Iris Engemann for a documentary film by Gédéon Programmes for France Télévisions during the fall of 2021. For this project, Iris transcribed numerous letters sent by German soldiers during the Second World War written in cursive Gothic. She has both made summaries in German as well as complete transcriptions for some of the letters. We were very happy with this collaboration. Iris was able to adapt perfectly to our particular requests and set up a very efficient process." (translated from French)

    Valérie Guérin, Gédéon Programmes

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